Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for Summer and Fall 2024 Registration

As your Academic Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences, be assured we are available to assist you. We know you may have questions, so we have compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs that aim to address many common undergraduate situations.

The best way to communicate with your Academic Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences is via email at

Use this email address to submit any form requiring Academic Dean's permission (e.g., S/U forms, late drop, etc.), as well as to request to petition to drop a course(s) or withdraw (dropping all courses) from a current or prior semester (up to one calendar year in the past).

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Review the Spring 2024Summer 2024, and Fall 2024 academic calendar. Note important dates and deadlines such as the end of the Drop/Add period, the 7th and 12th week deadlines, and the graduation application window.

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The College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office – Student Affairs reviews S/U forms during the period between the first day of classes through the posted 7th-week deadline. Submit your request through Student Central or via email to using the directions below.

  • Summer A 2024 – May 13 – May 31
  • Summer B 2024 – Jun. 24 – Jul. 12
  • Summer C 2024 – May 13 – Jun. 28
  • Fall 2024 – Aug. 26 – Oct. 11

Students may choose to change only one letter-graded class per semester/session to a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading basis by the 7th Week deadline of the term in question (Spring 2023 deadlines above) provided that the class meets the following criteria:

  • The class is a language class (Spanish, French, etc.) used for Arts and Sciences foreign language proficiency requirement; or
  • The class is being used as an elective towards the minimum 120 hours for graduation and/or the minimum 45 hours at the 3000/4000 level.

Courses satisfying major requirements (including prerequisites and elective hours within the major), minor requirements, or those being used to meet general education or other university graduation requirements CANNOT be taken on a S/U basis.

Students requesting to take a non-foreign language course on a S/U basis must email prior to submitting their S/U form online to notify our office verifying that the requested course is only being used to meet the elective hours towards the minimum 120 hours towards graduation and the minimum 45 hours at the 3000/4000 level if the course is a 3000/4000 level course. Any online S/U request submitted for a non-foreign language course without the student contacting our office first will be denied.

The S/U form is available online for students meeting the following criteria:

  • The student has an FSU GPA of 2.5 or is in their first semester at FSU;
  • It is between the first day of classes and the 7th week deadline; and
  • The student is enrolled in a course that is letter-graded and not in the College of Business.

To use the online S/U form, select the enrolled course you would like to be changed to S/U from Student Central > My Classes tile > Permit to Change Course to S/U link.

The submitted form is then routed to your Academic Dean’s Office for review.

If approved, the form routes to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

If denied, you will receive an email and push notification directing you to view the comments entered by your Academic Dean’s office in your My Tasks tile > In Progress/ Completed Forms link.

If the online form is not available to you, it is because you do not meet the criteria outlined above. In these cases, if you have a FSU cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, you can complete the “Undergraduate S/U Form,” found on the Registrar’s website, and email the completed form to the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Dean's Office – Student Affairs office at by 7th Week deadline.

No exceptions will be approved after the deadline.

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Complete the College of Arts and Sciences Course Overload Permit Request form and submit it to for review after your registration window for the semester in question has opened. Please include the course(s) you are planning to add if the overload is approved and your anticipated graduation semester.

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Communicate with the academic adviser in your major to verify first that it is advisable for you to take a graduate course. The adviser can also help you navigate this process. If taking the course is appropriate, download the Request to Take Graduate Courses form from the FSU Registrar’s website and complete the following fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Year (e.g., 2020)
  • Term (e.g., Fall)
  • Class Reference Number (this is usually in parentheses right after the section number)
  • Course Prefix and Number (e.g. ENL5000)
  • Section
  • Hours (e.g., 3 )
  • Credit will be counted as graduate and/or undergraduate credit
    • Only students in an approved combined pathway program may select to have a graduate course count for both undergraduate and graduate credit.
  • Total course load approved for this term
    • Undergraduate students taking graduate courses are permitted a maximum enrollment of 15 hours.
  • Email the completed form to the instructor of the graduate course you wish to take to request their approval.
  • Once the instructor has approved the form, email the form to the department chair/designee offering the graduate course to request their approval.
  • Email the completed form to to request approval from your Academic Dean.
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Email the department offering the course to see what the best strategy is for trying to get into the course. Departments utilizing reserve capacities will let you know when the reserve capacity blocking non-majors will lift. Be prepared to register at 12:01 a.m. when the reserve capacity lifts. Some departments may offer a waiting list. Many students make changes to their schedules throughout the day and night hours while registration is open, so you should check frequently during that period to see if a seat has become available. Students who are persistent in checking for open seats are often able to get into a full course when another student drops a course.

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Your first step in ensuring you will complete degree requirements for Summer and Fall 2024 graduation is to reach out to your major adviser to confirm you’ll be completing all major requirements. You should also share your completed Arts and Sciences progress check with your adviser to confirm that you have completed all college and university requirements.

If you have questions or concerns and wish to reach out to your Academic Dean’s office for verification of graduation requirements, email with your specific questions once your final Summer and Fall 2024 schedule is in place.

If you will complete all your degree requirement during the Summer 2024 semester, be sure to apply for graduation via May 20–May 31.

If you will complete all your degree requirement during the Fall 2024 semester, be sure to apply for graduation via Sept. 3–Sept. 13.

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All major changes, including adding a secondary major or being set up as a dual-degree-seeking student, for any major housed in the College of Arts and Sciences are initiated by contacting the academic adviser for the major you wish to join. The adviser will determine if you are eligible to update your major(s) and will provide you with academic advising and the appropriate form(s) to complete.

Students who have 90 or more earned hours and are requesting to add an additional major or to be set up as a dual degree-seeking student will be required to complete a petition. The completed petition composed of the major change form, academic justification for double majors/dual degrees, completed academic plan, and academic progress checks for each major involved should be emailed to for review. The College of Arts and Sciences will forward materials as needed if the student’s primary or secondary major is housed in another academic college.

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Only one minor per degree is needed to meet the College of Arts and Sciences minor requirement for graduation. Please note that minors do not appear on transcripts, nor do they appear on diplomas.

You will formally declare your minor when you request your Arts and Sciences academic progress check, if your major does not have a collateral interdisciplinary minor built into the major.

If you wish to change your minor after your College of Arts and Sciences academic progress check has been completed, you may email our office to notify us that you have changed your minor. We will add this information to your file so our evaluators will be aware of the change at the point of graduation, but we will not issue an additional academic progress check or update the previously issued progress check. Please review the minor requirements listed in the FSU Academic Program Guide to ensure you are meeting those requirements.

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