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From biology to psychology, from English to religion, and so much more, the FSU College of Arts and Sciences is the place to prepare for a career that will change the world. Our students are scientists and athletes, writers and linguists, award winners and noted scholars, and many achieve national recognition for their work even before graduation.

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With 18 departments spanning the humanities and natural sciences, you’re sure to find a program tailored to your individual interests and career goals in FSU’s most diverse college. Conduct research into cures for Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes. Uncover the past with classicists and anthropologists and apply history’s hard-won lessons to solve today’s greatest challenges. Study climate change, weather phenomena and the origins of our universe using cutting-edge technology. Harness the collaborative power of the college’s disciplines to spur groundbreaking discoveries. Let’s get started.

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FSU neuroscientist wins prestigious chemical senses award for work on taste function