Office of Stem Teaching Activities

Spirit Karcher earned her master’s degree in College STEM Teaching through the Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences' Office of STEM Teaching Activities in 2020. She previously served as a teaching assistant in FSU’s Department of Mathematics, and she presented during the 2020 Diversity and Inclusion in Research and Teaching, DIRECTO, fall symposium.

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A new project created by Florida State University faculty members and alumni is researching how to support science educators in delivering engaging STEM lessons and keeping up-to-date with science education reforms.

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FSU-led team earns NSF grant to study effects of heat waves on sea urchins

Sea urchins are like a canary in a coal mine. They give scientists an early warning for the future impact of rapid and extreme warming events, and their reactions to events like El Niño and to climate change are immediate and dramatic.

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The Sunshine State’s next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are getting an early start on career preparation, thanks to the unique engagement and educational opportunities offered by Florida State University’s Office of STEM Teaching Activities, part of the College of Arts and Sciences.