For decades, scientists have looked to the skies for ways to mitigate climate change – from solar panel farms to wind-driven turbines. Now, Florida State University researchers are looking at the ground beneath us for new ways to address some of today’s most complex global climate challenges.


Four Florida State University faculty members are recipients of a new grant from the National Science Foundation that will fund collaborative research aimed at improving our knowledge of an understudied area of biology: the sense of taste.

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Francis Baffour-Awuah Jr. is a doctoral student in the Department of Mathematics, part of Florida State University’s College of Arts and Sciences.


Florida State University welcomed 12 new inductees into its prestigious Garnet & Gold Scholar Society this summer.

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Biomathematics student Amelie Thompson uses computer modeling to investigate brain fold formation

A brain is a brain, right? Each of us has those three pounds of gray matter that make us who we are, from controlling the body’s operating systems to storing cherished memories to helping us navigate daily life. But the ultimate shape of the brain, with its intricate patterns of folds, might be able to be used to predict if someone will live with healthy brain function or if they will likely experience neurological disorder.

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Living-learning community prepares young women for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

The transition to life as a college student can be challenging. For many freshmen starting at Florida State University, the move to Tallahassee means starting a new life in a new city far from family and friends.

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Two Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences students will receive Academic Leadership Awards and are slated to be recognized during the university’s annual Leadership Awards Night ceremony Tuesday, April 11.

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A professor in Florida State University’s Department of Mathematics has made a breakthrough that will allow scientists across academic disciplines and financial institutions to shrink sampling errors concerning high-dimensional financial data.


The fun and wonder of math and physics will take center stage at two free open houses this week at Florida State University.

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When bacteria interact, they give off cellular signals that can trigger a response in their neighbors, causing them to behave in different ways or produce different substances. For example, they can communicate to coordinate movement away from danger or to emit light to ward off predators.

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Florida State University’s Interdisciplinary Data Science Master’s Degree Program, or IDS, combines FSU’s strengths in computational science, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to prepare students for careers in the dynamic field of data science, one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S.

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Long before he became a distinguished research professor of mathematics at Florida State University, Richard Bertram was a curious graduate student who joined the Society for Mathematical Biology in hopes of further connecting his interests and research in math and biology. He first attended the organization’s annual meeting in the early 1990s on his own, without knowing anyone there.

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