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Celebrating 50 years of archaeological excavations by FSU students in Cetamura del Chianti

As Florida State University alumnus Gregg Anderson dug into the rich soil of the Italian region of Tuscany in 1979, he had a vision that one day, artifacts he and his fellow student archaeologists uncovered would be illuminated under museum lights.

Classics | Spectrum Winter 2023
Chemist, entrepreneur and Florida State President Richard McCullough shares his thoughts on science and humanities collaboration and the value of the research enterprise

As Florida State University’s 16th president, Richard McCullough brings to the role more than three decades of experience in academic research and leadership that have helped him hit the ground running since his arrival last August.

Florida State News, College News, Chemistry and Biochemistry | Spectrum Summer 2022
FSU neuroscientist Wen Li studies processes behind human emotion, cognition and psychopathology

"Isn’t it just so beautiful?” Florida State University associate professor of neuroscience Wen Li asks, gazing at the image on her computer screen, smiling from ear to ear. Li looks at MRI scans of a human brain the way many people look at a colorful sunset, and her passion for neuroscience and clinical psychology is undeniably infectious.

Neuroscience, Psychology | Spectrum Summer 2022
Junior Arts and Sciences faculty earn prestigious NSF awards to advance leadership, teaching in their fields

Pursuing a career in academia or research can be an overwhelming prospect for recent doctoral graduates, and the prospect of a career combining both can be downright daunting. However, some of Florida State University’s junior faculty are getting national attention and support to launch groundbreaking research careers.

College News, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science | Spectrum Summer 2022
Florida State University’s academic excellence translates to corporate success

A university education is commonly seen as a gateway for students to access careers in the corporate world. But the country’s top universities also serve as centers for early-stage research and development and hubs for innovation.

College News, Scientific Computing, Computer Science, Biological Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry | Spectrum Summer 2022
Students in FSU College of Arts and Sciences’ new master’s degree program learn to use Big Data to answer big questions

For the past decade, digital data has experienced exponential growth as technology has changed how information is created, captured and consumed. The amount can easily double from year to year, and Statista projects 181 zetabytes — that’s 181 billion terabytes — will be produced in 2025.

Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Statistics | Spectrum Winter 2022
Climate scientist and assistant professor Allison Wing is a force in the field of atmospheric science

Like superheroes, most meteorologists have an origin story. A lifelong passion for weather often starts with a single moment when Mother Nature’s fury leaps off the television screen and into real life.

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science | Spectrum Winter 2022
Donors enhance available opportunities, research conducted in the Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences

For Department of Classics alumna Cheyenne Tempest, conducting research abroad seemed like an impossible dream. Thanks to gifts from generous Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences donors, Tempest has excavated at archaeological sites in Italy as well as designed and mounted museum-level exhibitions in one of the world’s most culturally rich cities.

College News | Spectrum Winter 2022
Florida State University’s London Study Centre celebrates its golden jubilee

In the heart of London in 1971, the Beatles were just embarking on their new solo careers, bell-bottom jeans were all the rage, and the United Kingdom was still adjusting to the introduction of decimal currency. That year, Florida State University welcomed its first students to its new study abroad program in London.

Florida State News | Spectrum Winter 2022
As the pandemic passes the one-year mark, FSU continues to lead in the fight against COVID-19

When the sun rose over the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center in Tallahassee April 17, the air crackled with anticipation. For the first time in over a year, Florida State University was hosting in-person commencement ceremonies.

Florida State News | Spectrum Summer 2021
Arts and Sciences student affairs professionals help FSU students finish strong

Kirstin Soper was instantly captivated by Florida State University’s one-of-a-kind campus and its overwhelming sense of community. Her first impression was one shared by many incoming freshmen: a feeling she had just found her new home.

College News | Spectrum Summer 2021
Alumnus Clay Ingram returns to campus as FSU’s chief lobbyist

Like many Florida State alumni, Clay Ingram first became a Seminole standing next to his mailbox, reading a letter. The difference, however, was Ingram’s letter arrived when he was a junior in high school. And it came from Bobby Bowden.

Florida State News, College News | Spectrum Summer 2021