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Florida State University is part of a nationwide cohort of institutions that have received an $8.8 million grant from the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute to develop  more inclusive pathways from community college programs to four-year universities.

Biological Science

Scientists working to understand the decimation of kelp forests on the Pacific Coast have found that the endangered sunflower sea star plays a vital role in maintaining the region’s ecological balance and that sea star recovery efforts could potentially help restore kelp forests as well.

Biological Science
Doctoral candidate Courtney Whitcher is illuminating a new field of biological research

Which aspects of life go unnoticed, escaping our view because they are too small, too quiet, or cloaked in a color we cannot see, thus disconnected from human senses? During a night-hike in the Costa Rican rain forest, on a high school Spanish trip, I was lured by secret signals hidden in the dark,” said Courtney Whitcher.

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The sustained loss of a once abundant species of sea urchin in the Caribbean could also result in the functional extinction of diverse coral species from the region’s reefs, according to new research from a Florida State University team.

Biological Science

Research from Florida State University faculty helps inform the scientific understanding of heart health. Faculty from the College of Nursing, College of Medicine and College of Arts and Sciences are available to speak to media about heart diseases, lifestyle interventions and emerging new therapies for helping patients.

Biological Science

The Florida State University Department of Biological Science, part of the College of Arts and Sciences, hosted Nobel laureate Randy Schekman last month, for a colloquium discussing advances in the field of molecular and cell biology.

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Jackson Powell is a doctoral student studying ecology and evolution in the Department of Biological Science, part of Florida State University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Biological Science

Douglas Storace, an assistant professor of biological science at FSU, is investigating exactly how a human’s sense of smell works with the help of a $2 million National Institutes of Health grant.

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Debra Ann Fadool is a Distinguished Research Professor holding appointments in the Department of Biological Science, the Program in Neuroscience and the Institute of Molecular Biophysics; all units of Florida State University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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Florida State University has launched a new program to jumpstart research opportunities addressing sustainability and climate change issues. The Office of the President’s Sustainability and Climate Solutions grant program promotes research that is crucial for long-term societal well-being, environmental health and economic prosperity.

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Professor Emily DuVal has been named president-elect of the Animal Behavior Society, a prominent professional organization advancing the research and education in the field of animal behavior.

Biological Science

While technologies like X-rays allow us to create pictures of the inside of the human body, imaging on a molecular level is much more complicated. Cryogenic electron microscopy, or cryo-EM, allows scientists to reconstruct protein complexes, like viruses and antibodies, in three dimensions at nearly atomic-level resolutions.

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