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Florida State University’s Institute of Molecular Biophysics is bringing together a set of international experts to share scientific ideas about cryoelectron microscopy, or cryo-EM, and molecular mechanisms of various biological processes on May 13-14 during the Kenneth A. Taylor Symposium on Cryo-EM and Muscle Biology.

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Four Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences students have earned research grants through the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP).

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A researcher in Florida State University’s Program in Neuroscience has received a $1.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to investigate how the brain encodes information about food and how this information affects an individual’s overall eating habits and food choices.

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FSU faculty members are available to answer media questions and provide perspective for news stories throughout the 2022 hurricane season, which officially runs from June through November.

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Long before she taught at Florida State University, Professor of Biological Science Nora Underwood led science field trips for elementary school students at a national park.

Biological Science

Florida State University’s annual “Art in STEM” exhibition returns for its eighth year April 23, inviting a global audience to experience stunning visuals created by researchers in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines.

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Cecilia Bouaichi is a fourth-year doctoral student pursuing a degree through the Program in Neuroscience, which is an interdisciplinary program with participation from Florida State University’s Department of Biological Sciences and Department of Psychology, (both part of the College of Arts and Sciences) as well as FSU’s College of Medicine. In 2017, Bouaichi earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After graduating, she worked for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly for a year as a biochemical assay biologist, or someone who detects, quantifies and or studies the binding or activity of a biological molecule, like an enzyme, before starting her doctoral track at FSU.

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Guillermo Penela is a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree through the Program in Neuroscience, which is an interdisciplinary program with participation from Florida State University’s College of Medicine as well as the Department of Biological Science and Department of Psychology, both part of the College of Arts and Sciences. He is pursuing a double major in public health through FSU’s College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. He has also been an organic chemistry and general chemistry tutor at the Academic Center for Excellence since Fall 2021. After graduation, Penela plans to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a surgeon.

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Florida State University’s graduate and professional programs continue to rank among the best in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 edition of “Best Graduate Schools.” Twenty graduate programs and specialties at FSU are ranked in the top 25 among public universities, according to the publication’s annual rankings released March 29.

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A Florida State University biologist has been awarded a prestigious fellowship that supports experts seeking solutions to critical challenges facing the world’s oceans. Daniel Okamoto, an assistant professor in FSU’s Department of Biological Science, has been named by The Pew Charitable Trusts as a recipient of the 2022 Pew fellowship in marine conservation.

Biological Science

Biological science alumna Jordan Rogers took a break from saving lives earlier this winter to return to Florida State to be recognized for her exceptional achievements as an emergency medical physician with a Notable Nole Award from the FSU Alumni Association.

Biological Science

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Someone has a heart attack every 39 seconds, and cardiovascular disease claims more lives each year than all forms of cancer combined, according to the American Heart Association’s 2021 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics Update.

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