Donor-Advised Funds

Your financial and charitable goals are a reflection of your commitment to support the future of your loved ones, charitable organizations you value, such as Florida State, and the greater community. A donor-advised fund is a convenient way to organize your charitable intentions — consider it one-stop giving.

Once you open a donor-advised fund through a written agreement with FSU, you may contribute to your fund at any time and recommend how your funds are distributed. Your contributions will be invested by the FSU Foundation, and you’ll be kept up to date with a regular accounting.

You will also receive a federal income tax charitable deduction for gifts made to your donor-advised fund. As you consider ways to support your philanthropic goals, a donor-advised fund may be the perfect mechanism because it grants you the ability to give without making an immediate designation for the charitable cause you wish to support and it simplifies the recordkeeping for a number of separate contributions.

For more information, or to make a gift, contact Nancy Smilowitz, the college’s assistant dean for development, at (850) 294-1034 or