When to see a departmental adviser

Academic Advising and Course Planning

To Resolve a Map hold

Initiation of a Major Change

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Appeal Memos

Degree applicability for Financial aid

Adding a Course

  • If you are having trouble getting into a particular course, the staff in the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Office does not have the authority to place a student into a course. Please contact the department offering the course for more guidance regarding being added to the course. If there is a prerequisite issue, the department may be able to offer assistance. If the course is full, there is likely little that can be done.
  • To add a course after Drop/Add has ended, you must talk to the department offering the course to see if you are eligible to be added to the course. If so, the department will provide with an add slip.

Course Credit Evaluation

  • If you need coursework from another institution evaluated for a major, minor, oral communication competency, or foreign language requirement, please contact the appropriate department. The Office of Undergraduate Studies evaluates incoming transfer credit to determine which courses may count to meet General Education requirements. When contacting the department, please provide the catalog description and a copy of the syllabus for the course in question.
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