When to see an adviser in the College of Arts and Sciences

Forms requiring dean’s approval

  • If you are an upper division Arts and Sciences student, you must obtain approval in the Student Academic Affairs Office in 010 Longmire for any situation that requires approval of your academic dean. The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has authorized personnel in the Arts and Sciences Student Academic Affairs Office to provide students with an official “dean’s signature/approval” when appropriate.
  • While you are a lower division student (generally your first two years), your Academic Dean is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. During this period you must have approval from the Office of Undergraduate Studies (located in the University Center A3400, 850-644-2451) for any situation that requires the approval of your Academic Dean.

Academic Probation Advising

  • A minimum FSU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better is required for graduation. Students should maintain at least this minimum at all times to be in good academic standing.
  • When any student's FSU cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.0, the student will be placed on academic probation. A student on probation must enroll in enough GPA credit hours to recover the quality point deficit during the next term of enrollment, but not more than fifteen semester hours. If the student fails to remove the probationary status by the end of the next term of enrollment, the student will be dismissed.
  • Students on academic probation who elect to enroll in a Florida public postsecondary institution (or in a regionally accredited institution within or outside the state) and who receive an academic Associate of Arts degree with an overall 2.0 average will have the probationary status and their previous Florida State University average removed upon application for readmission, and will be guaranteed a maximum of sixty semester hours, with approval of the academic dean. Only students with less than 45 earned hours should consider this AA option as this could have a detrimental impact on financial aid, excess credit, and academic progress to graduation.

Academic Dismissal

  • Academic dismissal constitutes a separation of the student from the University for academic reasons. The dismissed student must consult his or her academic dean at the time of dismissal about criteria governing possible reinstatement to the University.
  • Reinstatement after an academic dismissal is reviewed on an individual basis. The number of accrued academic dismissals and the student’s quality point deficit are factors in the decision. Students with more than two academic dismissals must petition the Multiple Withdrawal /Dismissal Committee for re-entry. The committee will assess the student’s ability to make satisfactory progress towards degree completion.
  • Students will not be considered for reinstatement for a current term once classes have begun for the term in question. 

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