Request to Reschedule Final Examination (PDF)

  • Approval by the appropriate academic dean (course dean) is required for any change in final examination time for an individual undergraduate student during the official fall or spring final examination week. Approval is not required by the course dean for final examinations in summer term courses.
    • The student must first receive written permission, via email or memo, from the instructor if he/she is willing to give an examination at a specified time within the exam week.
    • Students requesting to reschedule a final examination for a course offered through the College of Arts & Sciences should petition the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office using the form above. The student may attach the instructor’s email or signed letter/memo to this form in lieu of obtaining the instructor’s signature on this form. 
    • The completed form should be submitted in person to 010 Longmire Building during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm) prior to the start of the final examination week to guarantee timely approval. 
    • Approved forms will be given back to the student and the student will provide approved request to the course instructor. 
  • Rescheduling final examinations are permitted for an undergraduate student when justified by illness, conflicting examinations, more than three examinations in a 24-hour period, or for certain emergencies. Requests to reschedule a final examination must be made and approved prior to the scheduled exam. This petition is not required for any missed final examinations.
  • In case of conflicting examinations, group examinations take precedence over examinations scheduled by class meeting time. In the case of time conflicts that cannot otherwise be resolved, the course listed first in the schedule takes precedence over a course listed afterward.
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