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Summer 2019 Edition

On the Cover

The James D. Westcott Memorial Building, constructed in 1910 as the Administration Building for the Florida State College of Women, serves as the architectural centerpiece of the Florida State University campus, and is the oldest site of continuous higher education in Florida. This fresh take on the traditional view of the Westcott Building and was conceived and executed by FSU’s Bayard Stern and Hailey Walsh.


Fighting an epidemic

Alumnus Tony Ruscella demonstrates the value of a computer science education

From athlete to innovator

Garrett Johnson makes his mark on the startup world

Poet in the cockpit

Alumna Hélène Dubois-Nicholson combines her two passions

Scientific sensation

Gabriel Gomes forges a new frontier in chemical research

Underwater scholar

Ashley Dawdy takes a deep dive into marine-life studies


Computer scientist, dancer, scholar

Abigail Centers brings home honors for herself — and for FSU

Esprit de corps

FSU’s ROTC programs develop a new generation of leaders


A traveler between cultures

Florida State unveils new home for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science

Challenging perspectives

Alisha Gaines helps students view literature and society through a wider lens

From sea to sky

Young researchers change the face of the Earth sciences

Mastering machine learning

Nathan Crock shines spotlight on scientific computing

Statistically significant

Big Data is a big deal as FSU statistics turns 60

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