Forms requiring dean’s approval

If you are an upper division Arts and Sciences student, you must obtain approval in the Student Academic Affairs Office in 010 Longmire for any situation that requires approval of your academic dean. The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has authorized personnel in the Arts and Sciences Student Academic Affairs Office to provide students with an official “dean’s signature/approval” when appropriate. 

While you are a lower division student (generally your first two years), your Academic Dean is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. During this period you must have approval from the Office of Undergraduate Studies (located in the University Center A3400, 850-644-2451) for any situation that requires the approval of your Academic Dean.

Undergraduate S/U Grade Request 

  • Undergraduate S/U Grade Request form as a PDF (
  • To encourage liberal arts education and focus on learning, the University permits limited enrollment in elective courses outside the major, minor, and Liberal Studies areas on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Except for students in their first term at FSU, at least a 2.5 grade point average is required. S/U permit forms must be obtained and eligibility certified by the Office of the University Registrar no later than the end of the seventh week of classes. No undergraduate courses in the College of Business are offered under this option.

    With the exception of courses in the College of Business, a course outside a student's major, minor, and Liberal Studies areas normally approved for letter grades may be elected on the S/U basis and, if completed with an "S" grade, will count toward the minimum semester hours credit required for graduation and upper-division distribution but will not be included in the grade point average. The course grade will be recorded officially as satisfactory ("S") or unsatisfactory ("U"). Registration on an S/U basis is limited to one elective course per term (exclusive of physical education activity courses) and to a maximum total of eighteen semester hours. (See exceptions below.)

    In addition to the one elective course, a student may elect to take concurrently a physical education course to be graded on the S/U basis by obtaining proper approvals prior to registration.

    Students will be allowed seven weeks to decide whether or not they want to take a course on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. They may change to S/U from a letter grade at any time before the end of the seventh week of the term. Courses initially elected on the S/U basis may be changed back to a letter-grade basis prior to the end of the seventh week of the term or the equivalent prorated Summer deadline.

  • ASL courses may not be taken for a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) or Pass/Fail (P/F) grade.
  • Certain other courses that are approved for S/U grades exclusively (practicum, internship, laboratory, student teaching, individual work, research) may be applied toward the major or minor. There is no student letter-grade option for courses approved on the S/U basis; all students must be graded on an S/U basis. The credits earned in these courses are excluded from the total stipulated in above as permissible. Also, enrollment in a course offered on the S/U basis only does not exclude enrollment in an elective course under the S/U option in the same term.
  • Students wishing to take a course on the S/U basis who have a 2.0 – 2.49 cumulative FSU GPA may see an adviser in 010 Longmire to request an exception to the minimum 2.5 cumulative FSU GPA requirement.
  • Exceptions to change a course to or from the S/U basis after the seventh week of the term or the equivalent prorated Summer deadline are not made by the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Request to Modify Course Credit for an Individual Student 

  • Request to Modify Course Credit for an Individual Student as a PDF (
  • Course credit may be modified downward with the approval of the chair of the department that is offering the course and the appropriate academic dean. No course may be modified upward. 

Catalog Year Change

  • Catalog Year Change form as a PDF (
  • The matriculation catalog (i.e., the General Bulletin) governs each student's graduation requirements–this catalog remains in effect for six years for the bachelor's degree unless the student elects to meet the requirement of any subsequent General Bulletin published during the period of enrollment.
  • Transfer students who entered the Florida State University System (SUS) as a degree-seeking student prior to Summer 2015 and who have maintained continuous enrollment at a Florida public post-secondary institution may be eligible to change their catalog year to reflect pre-Summer 2015 University (Program) graduation requirements.  Continuous enrollment is defined by the State of Florida under the Articulation Agreement as attempting at least one course each fall and spring semester leading up to entering FSU. 

Final Approval of Major Changes 

  • Major changes within the College of Arts & Sciences are initiated through the department offering the major. Please see the department adviser to determine eligibility to change majors and to obtain the major change form.
  • Major changes submitted after the 12th week deadline are subject to being held until final grades for the term in question have posted to ensure that the student will continue to be in good academic standing at FSU.
  • The addition of additional majors and dual degrees must be completed prior to earning 90 earned hours. Students with 90-110 earned hours may petition to add an additional major or declare dual degrees using ("AS Double Dual Major Form Mar 2017.pdf").

Campus Location Change 

Transient Forms 

  1. Process
    • If you are requesting to take courses within the State of Florida, go to to submit an electronic form prior to registering to take courses at another institution. Online applications will be routed electronically to the appropriate departments for approval.
    • If you are an FSU student who wants to attend a private/out-of-state school, please fill out a paper Transient Student form ( You will be required to obtain approval/signatures, prior to enrolling in the course(s), in person from the Health and Wellness Center, your respective Academic Adviser and Dean, and from the University Registrar’s Office. Distance Learning students may submit transient forms as a PDF via email.
    • Allow 5-7 business days for your online form to be processed.
    • Register at the host institution and pay tuition and/or registration fees established by that institution.
    • Upon completion of the course(s), have a final official transcript to the FSU Office of Admissions and Records.
  2. Eligibility
    • Must be in good academic standing with the completion of at least one term at FSU, earning an FSU cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
    • Course(s) must be academically necessary for graduation in your declared major.
    • You may not enroll at another institution as a transient student while simultaneously enrolled at FSU (excluding Distance Learners and Panama City students). 
    • Requests to take courses as a transient student at TCC will not be approved. There are no exceptions to this policy.
    • Requests to take coursework at FAMU will not be approved unless it is a course not offered at FSU (e.g., animal science courses). Students wishing to take courses like Animal Science at FAMU should follow the procedures of the FAMU/FSU Cooperative Program.
    • FAMU/FSU Co-op Program Registration form as a PDF (
    • For more information see Services section ( of the FSU Registrar’s Current Records.

Out of Residency Request 

  • Out of Residency form as a PDF
  • Graduation Residency Requirements
    • Your final 30 semester hours must be completed in residence at Florida State University.  Petitions for waivers of this requirement must document exceptional circumstances and must be submitted to the College of Arts and Sciences Student Affairs Office in 010 LON prior to enrolling in any courses at another institution.

Summer Hours Requirement 

  • Students who have entered a university in the State of Florida, Division of Colleges and Universities, with fewer than sixty hours of credit in the Fall of 1976 or any time thereafter are required to earn at least nine hours prior to graduation by attendance in one or more Summer terms at one of the State University System institutions. The University President may waive the application of this rule in cases of unusual hardship to the individual. Students wishing waivers submit written requests giving the details of their hardships through their academic deans to the Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement. Prior to 2011, students who had earned nine semester hours of credit through approved acceleration methods (AP, IB, CLEP, and approved dual enrollment courses) were exempt from the Summer residency requirement. Effective 2011, this exemption is no longer available.
  • The Summer Hours Requirement may be met though enrollment in any of the following institutions, but not through enrollment in a state or community college:
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Florida A&M University
    • Florida International University
    • Florida State University
    • Florida Gulf Coast University
    • University of Central Florida
    • University of Florida
    • University of North Florida
    • University of South Florida
    • University of West Florida
  • Summer Hours Requirement Waiver Petitions may be submitted once a student has requested and picked up their completed Arts and Sciences graduation check.
  • Summer Hours Requirement Waiver Petition as a PDF

Undergraduate Request to Take Graduate Level Courses

  • Undergraduate Request to Take Graduate Level Courses as a PDF (
  • A student of senior standing or an upper-division honors student may carry graduate courses for undergraduate credit provided the student: (1) has earned either a cumulative FSU grade point average (GPA) of 3.0, "B," or better; (2) carries a course load of no more than fifteen semester hours; and (3) has the advance approval of the college dean, the department chair, and the instructor offering the course, prior to registration. Students will be required to present the college and/or departmental approval to the Office of the University Registrar. Staff in the Registrar's Office will complete the registration process for the student.
    • Students who wish to receive graduate credit for such coursework must obtain approval of the college dean, the department chair, and the instructor offering the course prior to registration for the graduate course. After approval, up to twelve semester hours may be counted toward a graduate degree at Florida State University, provided the course has not been counted toward a previous degree.

Course Load Permissions

  • Permission for a Course Overload
    • If you want to schedule more than 18 semester hours (an overload) during any semester, you must obtain an overload permit and dean’s permission from the Arts and Sciences Student Affairs office in 010 LON prior to registration. You may not register for more than 21 semester hours under any circumstances.
  • Permission for a Course Under-load
    • You do not need permission for an under-load (under 12 hours). However, it is your responsibility to check that sufficient hours have been scheduled for financial aid, scholarships, and insurance purposes.

Late Course Drops (8th week through the 12th week of the semester)

You must have the permission of your academic dean for a late course drop. You are eligible for two late course drops during your first 60 semester hours and one late course drop after you have earned 60 semester hours. Note: If you do not use your two late course drops in your first 60 semester hours, they do NOT carry over.

Petition to Drop Classes after the Seventh week 

Late course drops in excess of two late course drops during the first 60 semester hours and one late course drop after earning 60 semester hours are very rare. Course drops after the 12th week of the semester are also very rare. For more information and to discuss your specific situation, including petitioning to drop for extenuating circumstances, please see an adviser in 010 LON. 

Retroactive course drop petitions are considered only within one calendar year of course enrollment. 

For upper division students, all course drops approved after the seventh week of the term or the equivalent prorated Summer deadline will count as one of the allowed late course drops except in the following circumstances:  

  • A course drop approved for medical (or mental health) reasons through the formal university process (request the appropriate forms in the Student Academic Affairs Office in 010 Longmire.
  • A course drop approved due to a death in your immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling). For a late course drop to be approved due to a death in your immediate family, you must submit a Petition for a Late Course Drop accompanied by either:
    • An obituary that includes the date of death, your name, and your relationship to the deceased; or
    • An obituary or death certificate indicating the date of death and a notarized letter from a parent confirming your relationship to the deceased.
  • A course drop approved by the Arts and Sciences Student Academic Affairs Office for documented extenuating circumstances. 

Withdrawing from the semester

Withdrawals are initiated in the Withdrawal Services section of the Office of the Dean of Students (University Center A4100, 850-644-1741,

  • During the first seven weeks of the semester, you can withdraw from FSU (drop all your classes) without receiving grades.
  • If you withdraw from FSU after the seventh week of the term or the equivalent prorated Summer deadline, you will receive grades in your courses. Grades of “W” (withdrew passing) or “F” (withdrew failing) may be assigned by your instructors depending on the quality of your work up to the time of your withdrawal. A "W" grade does not affect your FSU GPA. An "F" grade does affect your FSU GPA, the same as any "F" grade.
  • Re-entry after a withdrawal is not automatic.
    • Please contact an adviser in the Student Academic Affairs Office in 010 Longmire.
    • The University requires students who wish to re-enroll after three or more withdrawals be reviewed by the Multiple Withdrawal /Dismissal Committee. Students are required to petition the committee for re-entry. The committee will assess the student’s ability to make satisfactory progress towards degree completion.
  • Withdrawals are considered only within one calendar year of course enrollment.


Request to Reschedule Final Examination (PDF form)

  • Approval by the appropriate academic dean (the dean of the college in which the course is offered) is required for any change in examination time for an individual undergraduate student. The student must first receive written permission from the instructor if he/she is willing to give an examination at a specified time within the exam week. The student then must petition the dean in writing using the form above, giving the reason for the requested exception, and supported by the instructor’s written permission.
  • Rescheduling final examinations are permitted for an undergraduate student when justified by illness, conflicting examinations, more than three examinations in a 24-hour period, or for certain emergencies. Requests to reschedule a final examination must be made and approved prior to the scheduled exam. This petition is not required for any missed final examinations.
  • In case of conflicting examinations, group examinations take precedence over examinations scheduled by class meeting time. In the case of conflicts which cannot otherwise be resolved, the course listed first in the schedule takes precedence over a course listed afterward.
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