Distinguished Research Professor Awards

The Distinguished Research Professor Award recognizes outstanding research and/or creative activity of eligible Florida State University faculty.

Faculty members within FSU’s College of Arts and Sciences who have been named as Distinguished Research Professors are as follows:

Year      Name                      Department

1990-91         James O’Brien                     Meteorology/Oceanography

1990-91         Christopher Tam                  Mathematics

1991-92         Daniel B. Eisenberg            Modern Languages

1991-92         David E. Loper                     Mathematics

1991-92         Glenn R. Parker                   Policy Sciences

1992-93         Pasquale P. Graziadei       Biological Science

1992-93         De Witt L. Sumners             Mathematics

1993-94         Kirby W. Kemper                  Physics

1993-94         Ralph V. Turner                   History

1994-95         John L. Bryant                      Mathematics

1994-95         Marc E. Freeman                 Biological Science

1994-95         Joseph F. Owens III             Physics

1995-96         Myles Hollander                  Statistics

1995-96         Frances James                    Biological Science

1995-96         Melvin Stern                         Oceanography

1996-97         Richard Pfeffer                     Meteorology

1996-97         Joseph Torgesen                Psychology

1997-98         Sharon Nicholson               Meteorology

1997-98         Vasken Hagopian               Physics

1998-99         David Balkwell                     Biological Science

1998-99         Alan Marshall                       Chemistry

1999-2000    Stanley Gontarski                English

1999-2000    Robert Holton                       Chemistry

2000-01         Timothy Cross                      Chemistry

2000-01         Allan Clarke                          Oceanography

2001-02         John Fenstermaker                         English

2001-02         Samuel Tabor                      Physics

2001-02         Kenneth Taylor                    Biological Science

2002-03         Naresh S. Dalal                   Chemistry and Biochemistry

2002-03         Doron Nof                             Oceanography

2002-03         Walter Tschinkel                  Biological Science

2003-04         Karen Berkley                      Psychology

2004-05         James Brooks                      Physics

2004-05         Ken Roux                              Biological Science

2005-06         Jeffrey Chanton                   Oceanography

2005-06         John Kelsay                          Religion

2005-06         Stephan von Molnar           Physics

2005-06         Richard Wagner                  Psychology

2006-07         Thomas Joiner                     Psychology

2006-07         Mark A. Riley                        Physics

2006-07         Mark Winegardner              English

2007-08         Nancy de Grummond         Classics

2007-08         Efstratios Manousakis        Physics

2007-08         Joseph Schlenoff                 Chemistry and Biochemistry

2008-09         Harrison Prosper                 Physics

2009-10         William Burnett                     Oceanography

2009-10         Per Arne Rikvold                 Physics

2010-11         Christopher Lonigan           Psychology

2010-11         Kathleen B. Yancey            English

2010-11         Huan-Xiang Zhou                Physics

2011-12         Bernd Berg                           Physics

2011-12         Zuoxin Wang                        Psychology

2011-12         Eric Chassignet                   Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science

2011-12         Gary Taylor                           English

2012-13         Brad Schmidt                        Psychology

2012-13         David Whalley                      Computer Science

2013-14         Dean Falk                             Anthropology

2013-14         Darrin McMahon                  History

2013-14         Anuj Srivastava                    Statistics

2014-15         David Gilbert                        Biological Science

2014-15         Alan Spector                         Psychology

2016-16         Jorge Piekarewicz               Physics