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This Florida State University seal was presented by members of the Class of 1919 to mark their 50th anniversary and is installed in the Longmire Building’s Beth Moor Lounge. The Longmire Building is the administrative home of the College of Arts and Sciences, and visitors can still see the Gothic design elements, original, hand-painted plaster ceilings, paneled walls, and medieval art that have been part of the space since construction was completed in 1938.

Photo by FSU Photography Services.

Morgan Klaevemann is a champion on and off the field

Morgan Klaevemann, an outfielder on FSU’s 2018 softball NCAA National Champion team, has long been one to watch in the athletic and academic realms.

Biological Science | Spectrum Winter 2019
Adam Coogle speaks for the voiceless in the Middle East

Florida State University senior Courtney Reed was in Amman, Jordan, for two months last summer interning with a nongovernmental organization when she unexpectedly ran into FSU alumnus Adam Coogle, who was working just a floor above her office.

Modern Languages and Linguistics, Middle East Center | Spectrum Winter 2019
Business, government service motivate Benedikt Jóhannesson

Icelander Benedikt Jóhannesson always knew he would return to his homeland after his education in the United States and he has had a successful career there as a publisher, businessman and, most recently, a political leader.

Statistics | Spectrum Winter 2019
FSCW alumna Mart Pierson Hill (’42) is still giving back

At 98, Mart Hill is still part of the growth of Tallahassee and of her alma mater, Florida State University. Involvement with FSU over the years has helped her remain connected to her community.

English | Spectrum Winter 2019
FSU Career Center guides grads into the future

College students spend years learning to successfully navigate the halls of academia, but what happens when it’s time to take the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired and apply them to the competitive and sometimes downright intimidating job market?

Florida State News | Spectrum Winter 2019
Biology major Stacey Pierre takes reins as student body president

When senior Stacey Pierre started her term as student body president this fall, she was quick to give credit to her unwavering support system.

Biological Science | Spectrum Winter 2019
Charisa Powell excels at academics, extracurricular activities

Since arriving at Florida State University as a freshman in fall 2013, Charisa Powell has taken every opportunity to immerse herself in the activities she most enjoys — computer science, music and horseback riding. Along the way, she has maintained a stellar academic record and built an impressive résumé, which already has landed her a job with a national laboratory.

Computer Science | Spectrum Winter 2019
Donald Caspar helped put the field of structural biology on the map

At 92, Donald Caspar is still working to develop a greater understanding of some of the smallest living things.

IMB | Spectrum Winter 2019
Lawton Professor Jeff Chanton ‘speaks truth to power’

Jeff Chanton, an esteemed oceanographer at Florida State University, has a gift for making science understandable for the average person. When former Florida Gov. Rick Scott expressed his unfamiliarity with climate change, Chanton was among the small group of experts who held a high-profile session with Scott that garnered national attention.

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science | Spectrum Winter 2019
FSU-Teach celebrates 10 years of success

Nancy Narvaez-Garcia is a relative newcomer to the world of secondary education, but she’s already making an impact in Leon County schools. In just her third year as a sixth-grade science teacher at Fairview Middle School, Narvaez-Garcia has been asked to take on leadership roles at her school and on the district level. She was recruited for the team that redesigned the district’s curriculum for science, and she was the youngest trainer in the district’s professional development program last summer.

FSU-Teach | Spectrum Winter 2019
Neuroscience major offers new undergraduate opportunities

In the 20th century, many an academic studied the dynamics of human behavior as “nature versus nurture”: Is it our biology or our environment that causes us to act the way we do?

Neuroscience, Psychology, Biological Science | Spectrum Winter 2019