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Lightning strikes: Study shows that thunderstorms spread mercury pollution

In the southern United States, an afternoon thunderstorm is part of a regular summer day. But new research shows those storms might be doing more than bringing some scary thunder and lightning.


In fact, these storms are moving significant amounts of mercury to the ground.

Biology researchers help discover potential Zika treatment

A team of researchers from Florida State University, Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health has found existing drug compounds that can both stop Zika from replicating in the body and from damaging the crucial fetal brain cells that lead to birth defects in newborns.

Chemistry professor explores outer regions of periodic table

A little-known — and difficult-to-obtain — element on the fringes of the periodic table is broadening our fundamental understanding of chemistry.

Got sleep? The amount you get could affect your marital mindset

A new study by two Florida State University researchers found that when husbands and wives get more sleep than on an average night, they are more satisfied with their marriages, at least the following day.

Psychology researchers: Genetics, good schooling both key to a child's reading ability

Good genes can give a young child a head start when it comes to learning to read, but it’s not enough to overcome the effects of a poorly rated school.

From FSU to Arctic Russia: Research leads grad student on a unique trip

When Sarah Ellen Johnston decided to come to Florida State University last year, she knew there was a good chance she’d be on the road a bit when it came to research.

Florida State receives $10 million for nuclear research center

Florida State University will receive $10 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to create a new Energy Frontier Research Center that will focus on accelerating scientific efforts needed to support nuclear waste cleanup.

Scientists delve into 'black box' of DNA research

Scientists at Florida State University, Baylor College of Medicine and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT have broken ground in a little-understood area of human genetics.

Researchers find greatest concentration of unique mammal species on Philippine island

The largest island in the Philippines may be home to the greatest concentration of mammal diversity in the world, according to a research team that has been exploring the island for the past 15 years.

Three Arts & Sciences students are among 10 from FSU to spend year abroad with Fulbright scholarships

A group of 10 Florida State University graduate students and recent alumni, including three from FSU's College of Arts and Sciences, will study or teach English around the world during the 2016-2017 academic year as part of the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. 

Three Arts & Sciences students to pursue graduate research with NSF fellowships

A group of four Florida State University students, including three from the College of Arts and Sciences, have received highly competitive Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation.

Researcher finds climate-change clues from 94-million-year-old samples

A major climate event millions of years ago that caused substantial change to the ocean’s ecological systems may hold clues as to how the Earth will respond to future climate change, a Florida State University researcher said.