Distinguished FSU chemistry professor named fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

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A Florida State University chemistry professor has been named a fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom.

Sunlight or bacteria? Scientists investigate what breaks down permafrost carbon

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A Florida State University researcher is delving into the complexities of exactly how permafrost thawing in the Earth’s most northern regions is cycling back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and further fueling climate change.

Using fruit flies to study cancer: FSU scientists investigate childhood tumors

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A team of Florida State University researchers has discovered that a common household pest can tell us a lot about an aggressive tumor that attacks young children.

Make 2017 your year of success: FSU professor’s research reveals the path to peak performance

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So, how are your 2017 resolutions going?

If one of your goals is to further develop a skill — maybe something that will help you do your job with more expertise, or perhaps you finally want to run that marathon — then a Florida State University professor has tips that could help you succeed in 2017 rather than having to try again next year.

FSU scientist’s findings on carbon cycle feed climate research

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A Florida State University researcher is taking a deep dive into the carbon cycle and investigating how carbon moves from the ocean surface to greater depths and then remains there for hundreds of years.

Virtual science classes revolutionizing teaching methodology at FSU

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Imagine exploring the Great Barrier Reef for an environmental science class or investigating a real-life crime for your introductory chemistry course.

That’s the vision two Florida State University professors had when they created new virtual life classrooms for their students that allow them to learn essentially by playing in a 3-D virtual world.