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Suspension and advising guidelines for Anthropology

August 18, 2010
All students majoring in Anthropology should meet with Ms. Shannon Tucker or Dr. Amy Kowal as soon as possible to confirm that, as required, they are on track to complete the Anthropology major courses for a degree in Anthropology by the end of Spring 2011.

The list of courses to be offered in Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 is at

Note that other college and university requirements can be satisfied after the Spring 2011 deadline but that all courses in the Anthropology major must be completed by that time.


March 25, 2010
The Anthropology major has been suspended indefinitely. No new students are being admitted to this major.

Current Anthropology majors are reminded that they have until the end of the Spring 2011 semester to complete major requirements. Please see the following link for a list of upper-level Anthropology courses that are planning to be offered through Spring 2011.

Please remember to focus on the Anthropology requirements before the foreign language and minor requirements.


June 17, 2009
The following information is being distributed throughout the registration period in an effort to keep students informed. We ask for your patience as you may continue to receive duplicate copies in the weeks to come.

This message has been approved for distribution by both the dean and the provost’s offices.

The university has suspended access to the Anthropology degree programs for a one-year time period. What this means is that students will not be able to enter into the majors under the number 110510.

As a consequence of the University’s recent budget reduction, the Department of Anthropology is part of a restructuring taking place within the College of Arts and Sciences. Because the University’s budget situation has not yet stabilized, the Administration has decided to suspend access to the existing degree programs for one year.

Consequences for undergraduate students
We anticipate that students at the junior and senior levels will have up to two years to complete their degree requirements, independent of the specific changes that result from restructuring. In other words, our intention is to provide the upper-level course offerings for the next two years. Students should not assume that upper-level Anthropology courses would be available as options after two years. Recent entries into the Anthropology major should plan accordingly.

Consequences for graduate students
Master's degree students will have two years to complete their degree requirements. Ph.D. degree students who are late in their degree programs should plan to finish within two years. Early-stage Ph.D. degree students should explore transferring or changing to another degree program.

Advising students affected by the 1 year suspension of the Anthropology degree programs

FTIC/freshman/sophomore transfers coded as Anthropology
Due to the recent FSU budget reductions, the University has imposed a one-year suspension of the Anthropology major. Consequently the College cannot guarantee that enough upper-level courses will be offered to allow completion of an Anthropology degree by students who are currently Freshmen or Sophomores. We thus urge all such students to submit a request to change into an alternative major. Additionally, students have the option of obtaining a minor in Anthropology, if completed by Spring 2011.

Junior/senior transfers coded as Anthropology
Our intention is to offer upper-level Anthropology courses for the next two academic years (i.e. through Spring 2011). We also anticipate offering courses during Summer 2010. However, since each student varies in the requirements already completed, we recommend meeting with the Anthropology Department advisors (Dr. Amy Kowal or Ms. Shannon Tucker) as soon as possible to determine whether sufficient progress has been made to complete all major requirements for a degree in Anthropology within this time frame. Dr. Kowal and/or Ms. Tucker will help assess each student’s status to determine if all requirements for the Anthropology major can be completed within two academic years or whether it will be necessary to select an alternative major. It is important that students focus on completing all major requirements first, and then on the foreign language and minor requirements. Additionally, students have the option of obtaining a minor in Anthropology, if completed by Spring 2011.

Students being re-directed from this major will have their mapping term set to Term 1 regardless of their current map term if changing into a non-limited access major. Re-directed students wishing to change into a limited-access major must meet that major’s milestones for the term prior to their current map term (a one term rollback). Students not meeting those milestones are encouraged to appeal for an additional map term rollback from the mapping coordinator of the college offering the major.

Remember to contact your advisor or seek assistance BEFORE the first week of class.

We will continue to update students and advisors as additional information becomes available.

Undergraduate students may visit the Advising Center for Exploratory Students located in 213 Eppes Hall for assistance in selecting another major. (Ph. 850-645-2847).

Anthropology advising contacts
Dr. Amy Kowal—850-644-9206 L52 Varsity Plaza
Ms. Shannon Tucker—850-644-4282 L52 Varsity Plaza

Students may also visit the Academic Program Guide at for information on other majors, or they may contact Robbin Hand at or call 850-644-1081.