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Graduation checks and clearance

NOTE: You are required to pick up your completed graduation check in person AFTER the pick-up date provided on your request confirmation—failure to do so could prevent you from graduating. Please read and follow the instructions below:

Graduation checks(CLICK HERE) Students should initiate an Arts and Sciences graduation check online during the semester in which the student will complete 90 semester credit hours (this includes the hours earned PLUS your current enrollment).

The Arts and Sciences "college check" will indicate whether college and university requirements are completed (and, if not, what courses must yet be taken). In addition, the respective academic department will indicate what (if any) courses must be taken to complete requirements for the major or minor.

At the same time, students must also request a graduation check from the University Registrar's Office.

Application for graduation – You should apply for graduation online. Log in at; from the “My Academics” tab, select “More . . .,” then "Apply for Graduation." For specific dates and more information about graduation, you can visit the University Registrar’s website at

Request To Walk Early in Commencement

Students should plan their course of study accordingly with the intent to participate in the commencement ceremony during the term in which they are completing degree requirements. Early Walker requests will be considered under extenuating circumstances.

Students must meet one of the following conditions:

*   Studying Abroad during the their last semester
*   Completing a required internship or field camp experience, more than 10 hours driving distance from Tallahassee
*   Enrolled at another institution during their last semester, more than 10 hours driving distance from Tallahassee
*   Have a immediate family member scheduled to graduate the same day as FSU graduation ceremony

In addition to meeting one of the conditions above, students must also have a 2.0 FSU GPA, 6 or fewer hours to complete degree requirements, and have satisfied all liberal studies requirements.

The final decision rests with the Graduation office within the Registrar for any Early Walker requests

If students are unable to participate in the graduation ceremony during the term in which they graduate, they can be permitted to participate in a future graduation ceremony within one year after they officially graduate. These "Late Walker" requests are always approved.