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Arts and Sciences / About the College / Dean's office staff

Contact information for the Office of the Dean



Senior Staff
 Deans & Associate Deans


Advising Staff / Student Affairs 
Name Title Phone (850) Office Email address
Alexander, Cassy Academic Coordinator 644-9974 010C
Camp, Shellie Mapping Coordinator 645-7156 010G
Epstein, Heather Academic Coordinator 644-1081 010H
Hare, Jacquelin Academic Support Assistant  644-1081  010K
Martin, Ginger College Student Affairs Coordinator 644-0714 010A
Peoples, Robbin Academic Coordinator 644-8703 010D  
Lisha, Stafford Academic Program Specialist 644-1081 010B


Administrative Staff
Name Title Phone (850) Office Email address
Chason, DeeDee Data Analyst 644-0517 015
Gardner, Vann Faculty Administrator 644-6241 110F
Grossman, Sheryl Assistant to the Dean 644-4404  110B
Holton, Katherine Office Administrator 644-0713 110J
Kile, Katherine Funds Analyst 644-4949 210A
Lee, Cheryl Associate in Academic Administration 645-9775 210B
Peliska, Sam Administrative Assistant 645-0709 014
Sackman, Katherine Accounting Specialist 645-0709 014
Smilowitz, Nancy Assistant Dean, Advancement and Alumni Affairs 644-9324 (office); 850-294-1034 (cell) 013B
Tamm, Scott Assistant Dean, Administrative Services 644-0739 110E


Development Staff
Name Title Phone (850) Office Email address
Ereckson, Jeff Director of Development  644-3370 (office); 850-445-3177 (cell) 020D
Lee, Brett Development Officer 645-9544 018B
Miller, Torri Development Coordinator 644-1652 (office); 850-566-9810 (cell) 018A
Ray, Barry Director of Media and Communications 644-6510 (office); 850-284-5648 (cell) 019
Smilowitz, Nancy Assistant Dean 644-9324 (office); 850-294-1034 (cell) 013B
Trombetta, John Senior Development Officer 645-0403 (office); 850-228-6384 (cell) 020C


Technology Support Staff
Name Title Phone (850) Office Email address
Cousins, Richard Technical Support Analyst 645-0053 021
Support Specialist IT Support Specialist  645-0708 021  
Mountian, Nikolai IT Support Specialist 644-0715 021
Rockenstein, Kurt Systems Administrator Manager 645-9687 009A


Media & Communications 
Name Title Phone (850) Office Email address
Ray, Barry Director, Office of Media and Communications 644-6510 019


Fax numbers
Student Academic Affairs 850-644-9656
Administrative 850-644-8029
Development Office 850-645-3258
Campus mail
Longmire 1280